A large percentage of potential home buyers decide whether they even want to look inside when they see the exterior of your home. Some might even take a drive by before you even are aware of a potential showing so make sure you are planning ahead of time on the exterior maintenance! We have gathered some quick tips for you on upping your curb appeal below.

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Neatly trimmed and edged yards give an immediate first impression of a “put together property”. If you can, replace any dead plants and shrubs in your garden to give it a fresh look. Make sure your front walkway and driveway are clean, keep all of your lawn equipment and outdoor toys put away. If selling in the fall, make sure the leaves are raked and disposed of, or if selling in the winter, make sure to clean off all walkways and shovel the drive. Unkept yards and drives start to stack up immediately as a to-do task list in potential buyers minds that can be detrimental for the rest of the showing.



A fresh coat of paint can be one of the best investments when thinking about increasing your value of your property and an easy way to do this in the exterior is on your front door! If you have wood siding that is peeling, consider getting quotes from several painters on repainting the siding. Remember, even if you cannot replace or have the siding repainted, having quotes is beneficial for potential home buyers to know roughly what they would be looking at. Don’t forget about the windows!



Details can take you from wow to sold. We have put together some quick tips to the exterior. Put out out a fresh doormat, and make sure your house numbers are visible. You can replace house numbers for a refreshed look and can add metal numbers to your mailbox post for an extra detail! Don’t forget to put garbage cans away and don’t forget about the backyard and keeping it tidy and free of animal waste if you have pets!