Ok, now that you have the potential buyers in your freshly painted door, now is the time to really show off how great your home is. Remember, you want to appeal to everyone so stick to neutrals and as much natural light as you can! Read out helpful hints below on ways to get your interior ready to sell!



Make sure to open all blinds before a showing as natural light is a free way to make your home more inviting. Here is a helpful hint: use white or light shades for curtain panels on outsides of windows (hung mid way from ceiling to top of window frame) to add extra height to your walls and make the windows themselves feel bigger! Consider changing out light bulbs for a bright white bulb with appropriate wattage in bathrooms and kitchens for a cleaner look.



If you are reading this, you probably noted on our exterior staging tips that a fresh coat of paint can be one of the best investments when thinking about increasing your value of your property. Keep interior pant colors neutral and leave the accents for pops of color such as your bathroom towels, an area rug, or fresh cut flowers on your table or by your bed. Remember, you are trying to appeal the style of your home to everyone and the main goal is for them to be able to see their furniture and style being able to work when they walk through the home!



We can’t say it enough, details can take you from wow to sold in a quick way. We have put together some quick tips to staging the interior of your home. If you have pets or kids, make sure to vacuum and wipe surfaces frequently. Nobody wants to see clumps of pet hair in the corners or animal cracker crumbs on tables. Speaking of surfaces, sparkling clean windows, bathroom mirrors, and sliding doors are essential. Remember, you never know when your agent may call you with a last second showing appointment. You want to always be ready to say yes!