Now that your home is staged inside and out, don’t forget about the extra spaces and details that bring everything together for your potential buyers. This includes things like basement and attic organization, a clean and tidy garage, new light bulbs in key ares and more! Read on below for our favorite extra mile tips!



It can be difficult to think that others may not see the value or importance of all of our collectables and photo albums. Remember, we want your potential buyer to see themselves living there too! When in doubt, start with completely clear counters and surfaces and only put out a few accents, such as a clear glass dish filled with limes and lemons in the kitchen, or a small succulent in the bathroom. Believe it or not, minimizing furniture and accents actually makes a space appear larger! Make sure the extra areas of the home are also tended to and tidy including the basement and garage. In the garage, make sure as much as can be is hanging on walls or neatly stored and the garage floor is swept. In the basement it can make a big impact to purchase a few matching storage totes to clean up your storage areas and giving potential buyers the sense that they will have a place for all of their things!



There are key areas that can truly sell a home if they are updated and fresh! Put your focus on updating fixtures and lighting in the bathrooms and kitchen. These two areas of any home are what people immediately look for when they are seeing downfalls or perks of buying any home. Change out that empty roll of toilet paper, remove used towels from the shower door, and remove all of your soap and shampoo bottles from the shower. You can use props like these amazing amber bottles if you would like to warm the space back up in a clean way. In the kitchen, do not underestimate the refrigerator and sink! People will open the fridge so make sure the take out containers are kept to a minimal and all the shelves are clean. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink or drying on the counter.



We all have memories that are sparked by a smell, or a sound, or even a color. Our sense are powerful triggers and we want to use that to our advantage when selling a home. But before you go and buy your favorite scented incense, remember that one of the most sought after smells when someone walks through home is clean. Try to limit oils and heavy scented food preparation before a showing. A fun way to add some warmth by the thought of fresh baked cookies is to put two caps full of vanilla extract in an oven safe dish in the oven at 300 degrees for one hour. You can also put a box of baking soda in the fridge and pantry to help reduce odors and make sure trash is consistently removed from the home to keep it smelling fresh and clean all the time!